With the Royal Eyelash brand, we are committed to always providing the highest quality eyelash products, with the best wholesale prices on the market today.
Why Royal Eyelash?

+ Our factory has 150 workers with at least 1 year experience.
+ Our management and supervision team has 8 years of experience in the production process management, we have in-depth knowledge of the raw material of eyelashes.
+ We have a strict and thorough quality inspection process before goods are delivered to customers.
+ We have a variety of products to meet the customer needs such as Silk – X lashes, Silk – Super lashes, Premium mink lashes, Flat lashes, Color lashes, Two – tone lashes (ombre), Premade fans tray ( 3D to 5D ) and Premade fans (1000 fans per box).
+ Besides, we also provide all eyelash accessories.
+ We accept to do O.E.M ( Private Label ) for your order if you want to choose our products for your start-up or promote your business development.
+ Our market is global. So please do not hesitate when you want to cooperate with us.
+ Our enthusiastic counselors will help you understand each type of product so that you have the best choice.